There are four basic situations in which Wyndelts & Co. can function effectively as an intermediary in disputes or stalled discussions, etc.. In most cases in this regard, we are retained by the client's attorney.

The four include:

  • Business Combinations and Segregation
    We have successfully negotiated the buy out of disgruntled partners, the acquisition of a new business, and sale of business segments.  We are comfortable working with attorneys from both sides of the deal and frequently can make suggestions that simplify the deal and result in a more workable and understandable agreement.
  • Property Settlements in a Divorce
    In one case involving an impending divorce, Wyndelts & Co. took a wife's list of marital assets and determined the approximate value of each asset, which assets she really wanted and which she thought were more important to her soon-to-be ex-husband. We drafted a letter under her signature to the husband making a settlement offer. After a couple of iterations and some discussion with the attorneys, the husband and wife agreed on the settlement. The wife determined that the savings in legal fees amounted to about $4,000, while the husband said his savings were about $3,000.
    Not surprisingly, the husband hired Wyndelts & Co. as his new accounting firm, and, yes, his ex-wife remains our client.
  • Employment Disputes
    Let’s consider a scenario in which an employee has threatened to litigate and has hired an attorney. After a few rounds with your attorney nothing much is getting resolved and the legal fees are beginning to mount up. Arbitration is expensive as well. Sometimes we can talk with the other party's accountant and arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution.  In other cases where we feel early on that we are dealing with a situation that we cannot resolve, it’s our policy to inform our client so that they can avoid wasting money on our fees.
  • Contract disputes
    We are often able help negotiate some contract disputes because we are seen to be less threatening than attorneys. We are just as careful as attorneys about what we say, however, and we often seem to be better at discovering what the other party really wants in a dispute.

Importantly, we only provide these negotiation and dispute resolution services for existing clients.