Client Industries

Following is a list of some of our clients’ areas of business focus, as well as some of the geographic locations in which they—and we—have considerable experience. If you’d like to speak to a client who’s used our services, we’ll be happy to refer you to them. Please call or contact us by email to arrange a referral.

  • Real Estate Development: Retail, office, land and multi-family residential. The developers we represent typically build anywhere in the U.S., but are headquartered in Arizona, California, South Carolina, North Carolina and Toronto, Ontario.
  • Real Estate Construction: Client activity is anywhere in the U.S., with headquarters in Arizona, California, South Carolina, North Carolina and Toronto.
  • Investments: Projects our clients finance cover a wide range of monetary value, from a few million to many millions of dollars.
  • Manufacturing: Operations in Arizona, North Carolina and California, with headquarters in those states.
  • Retail & Wholesale: Stores and distribution points in multiple U.S. locations, with headquarters in Phoenix.
  • Service Businesses: Attorneys, other accounting firms, financial planners, profusionists, etc., with operations scattered across the U.S. In fact, it’s important to note that a significant portion of the firm’s business involves work performed for other accounting firms. We rely on our wide experience and expertise to handle a number of complex transactions that these firms don’t often encounter, enabling them to serve their clients’ more comprehensively and seamlessly.
  • Automobile Dealers: Operations in Arizona and California.
  • Intellectual Property: Production often takes place over the internet and can therefore be effected anywhere in the world. Product is sold to companies such as Microsoft and Thompson Financial
  • Specific client work for attorneys, financial planners and accounting firms involves: partial interest valuations, acquisitions and dispositions (related to tax structure), deal structuring (in which we review operating and shareholder agreements, coordinate tax and income allocations, and buy/sell agreement structure).